By Tracie Ovens


If you wanted to construct an amazing building for many people to benefit from, what sort of foundation would you want to build it on?


a) An unstable one that means you struggle to start constructing your building.

b) A slightly uneven one that after much difficulty, you find you’re limited to constructing a small building. It can’t benefit as many people as you’d hoped, there’s a lot of maintenance required and over time it deteriorates. OR

c) A solid and ideal foundation that enables you to construct an even larger building than you first envisaged, which benefits a multitude of people, for many generations to come.


Of course, you would choose option C. This is a simplistic example, but still an effective metaphor for how YOU are the foundation of your business and entrepreneurial empire. In order for you to have a successful business that makes a difference in the world, you need to be an ideal foundation.


You are the one with the vision. It is your vision that is carried and developed into fruition, to create, maintain and progress your business’ purpose, values, structure, reach, outcomes, growth, transcendence and success. It all starts with and ultimately rests upon you. And not just your business background and practical skill set, that would result in option B above. To have option C at your fingertips and do the most you can, you need to be a rock-solid foundation, with a psychology and physiology of excellence! You need your mental and emotional health, and ideally your physical and spiritual health, to be at its optimum.


The people who are at the top and stay there, don’t do so by chance or luck. They work hard; not just on their business, but also on themselves. On top of having active fitness schedules and eating a healthy diet, they do the inner work. They do the emotional and mental work, the mindset work and use proven strategies every day, to be the best foundation they can be for their dreams to become reality. And they know you don’t succeed at this level by doing it alone. They hire professional assistance.


As you’re reading this, ask yourself, am I at my psychological and physiological best?

Are there emotions or behaviours I don’t want to have, that I have been trying to ignore?

Is my stress, anxiety or lack of genuine passion holding me back?

Am I drinking, smoking, binge eating, over-working or over-exercising to cope?


Would I like to lead my business from a place of extreme confidence, congruence, clarity, vision, determination, mental strength and growth?

Am I using proven mental strategies to take my dreams and business to the next level?


The real question is, are you willing to risk limiting yourself and your business by not addressing this?

This could be your most important step to building your dream business and life.


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