About Tracie

My mission is to help people be their authentic self,
living with Passion, Purpose and Joy!

Tracie Anne Ovens

Grad. Dip. Pastoral Counselling, Cert. NLP Coach, B.Teach. (Primary & Secondary), B.A.

I am a Success Coach and I am passionate about helping you live inspired, healthy and fulfilled!

I have always wanted to help people. I began my career as a Primary and High School Classroom Teacher. After teaching for a number of years and taking maternity leave, I decided to change careers and sought to impact people’s lives more directly so they could experience more joy, wellness and fulfilment.

I had also experienced anxiety at times myself and after having my second child, I experienced bouts of crippling anxiety and sought a solution.

I completed my coaching training and I have never experienced irrational or overwhelming anxiety again! I have transformed my clients’ lives, ridding them of debilitating anxiety and guiding them to release 80-100% of their unwanted emotions, which previously other techniques had only helped reduce slightly.

I have also turned my life around from a crisis situation, where I had experienced loss in nearly every area of my life and felt stuck, helpless and lost. I used coaching strategies to change the root causes of my problems, change limiting patterns I had become stuck in and could then return to being the real me. I now know who I am, what my true needs are and I am now living with passion, purpose, deep fulfilment and joy!

I have transformed my lifestyle for optimal health and wellness. This has led to the reversal of chronic health issues and continues to support and diminish the effects of ‘autoimmune disease’.

My husband and I have repaired, strengthened and reinvigorated our relationship.

I have created my successful business with limited resources and time. I believe when you are being your true self, shining bright into the world through mediums that suit you, to give greatly, anything is possible! And you can enjoy abundance in all areas of your life and true contentment.

I now help others to remove doubt, fear, confusion, frustration, anxiety, stress and feelings of hopelessness from their lives, be their authentic selves, strive confidently towards their goals and dreams and enjoy living with passion, motivation, joy, connection, purpose and deep fulfilment.

I help Driven Women to reclaim their Authentic IdentityConfidence and True Purpose

and transform their life with Success Coaching!

I specialise in empowering women to:

-> regain vision, confidence and hope after relationship struggles, breakdown or loss

-> be rid of overwhelming anxiety, stress and feelings of being lost, stuck & helplessness

-> live free, confident & happy as their true self

-> step into their dream career, business or entrepreneurial venture

-> improve their relationships

-> create a lifestyle and outlook for optimal health and to support chronic health issues

My coaching can help you to overcome a range of issues

to be your authentic self and strive forward confidently towards your goals and dreams!

Along with the range of life and success coaching services I offer, I also offer clients counselling.

I have a Graduate Diploma of Pastoral Counselling

and I am currently completing a Masters of Pastoral Counselling (Clinical).

My Promise

I am committed to helping you
get from where you are, to where you want to be!

My Network

I am part of a network of health and wellness professionals, dedicated to you fulfilling your potential in every area of your life.
Aaron Ovens ~ Certified Remedial Massage Therapist & Fitness Instructor

Tracie Anne Inspirational Coaching is a branch of Tracie and Aaron’s business, Awakening Abundance that is located in the northern beaches of Byron Bay, Australia. Aaron is a certified Remedial Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructor, who offers deep tissue, sports and relaxation massage treatments in another branch of their business, Specialised Remedial Massage.

Supporting Our Community

Tracie Anne proudly supports local and international organisations helping those in need.

“We are one of the largest organizations in the world that is solely fighting human trafficking. At a local, domestic, and international level. All over the world, we are not just responding to trafficking that is already taking place, but we are actively working on the frontlines to prevent it from happening to begin with.” https://www.a21.org/

We’re the charity for girls’ equality. We strive for a just world for all children, and equality for girls. We believe a better world is possible. An equal world; a world where all children can live happy and healthy lives, and where girls have equal opportunities. This is the world you are helping us create. Because a better now for her, means a better future for everyone.” https://www.plan.org.au/

The Difference with Tracie Anne

Individually tailored coaching sessions

to help you realign as your true self

and live with purpose, passion and fulfilment!

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