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Tracie helps Christians be their authentic God-created self, experiencing deep contentment and purpose, as they fulfil God’s calling.
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All of Tracie’s Coaching Programs operate from a Christian Coaching Framework, that is, from a Biblical worldview and in accordance with Scripture.

Tracie is a Clinical Pastoral Counsellor, offering a para church ministry of coaching and counselling to all Christians.

Tracie provides a safe place for you to share what’s on your heart, your innermost thoughts and self, without judgement.

Tracie’s Christian Life & Success Coaching aims to help you listen to the Holy Spirit, discover who God created you to be and use this learning to take action and make any necessary changes in your life. The goal is for you to live free and fulfil God’s calling for you in your life and vocation.

Christian Coaching is Spirit-led and involves a selection of prayer and coaching activities that you are comfortable with, to give you the opportunity to discover new things about yourself, see things from a new perspective and uncover the truth. Tracie can, for example, ask open questions and provide opportunities for reflection, allowing you to discover the truth for yourself with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Christian Coaching is a facilitation of spiritual formation and personal growth, giving you the opportunity to draw closer to God and grow in your relationship with God and others. Tracie will walk along side you as your Christian life coach, as you journey towards confidently being who God created you to be: joyful, serving others, one with God and your community.

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