Coaching Techniques to Help You Make Lasting Changes


Tracie’s coaching focuses on

guiding and empowering you to

create your desired future, in an

efficient and effective manner.

You will work with Tracie as a team,

to quickly discover what is preventing you from achieving your goals and

make the changes necessary to make your goals achievable.

Tracie’s coaching is focused on your outcomes and

assumes that you are healthy and perfectly capable of achieving your best,

you just need to get in touch with those capabilities.

You can:

**form new, positive thinking habits,

**take charge of your life,

**have more purpose,

**set goals and feel completely on track to achieve them

**feeling congruent, passionate and fulfilled.


Tracie’s clinical pastoral counselling and psychotherapy focuses on providing you with a safe and supportive environment to

discuss, reflect upon and process

challenges in your life, such as

past or current events, relationships, loss and

unwanted feelings, emotions, and behaviours.

You will work with Tracie as a team,

to uncover what is preventing you from moving forward,

make sense of what has happened, process emotions

and be able to see things from a new perspective, looking to your future with hope.

Tracie’s counselling is client-centred:

she will attentively listen to you in a non-judgemental way and

help you achieve the outcomes you desire;

and trauma-informed: providing safe and effective interventions to heal

from single-incident or complex trauma, without re-living trauma / being re-traumatised.

You can:

**move forward on your healing journey of pain from the past

**experience forgiveness

**increase your confidence,

**feel congruent and clearer

**experience hope and start creating a new future!

Throughout all of the techniques/exercises that Tracie will guide you through,

**you are always in control, and

**you are always conscious


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) stands for the mind on two levels: the subconscious and conscious mind; communication; and the processes of the mind to produce emotions and behaviours.

As a practitioner of NLP, as you discuss with Tracie what you would like to change about your life, Tracie will observe the process that is taking place to result in your unwanted emotion or behaviour.

Once Tracie has an understanding of the process taking place, she will guide you to change that process by addressing the root cause.

The principle for success that underlies this body of work is that we all have an innate psychology and physiology of excellence and we can all get back in touch with this.

You are not ‘broken’, there is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with you, you have simply formed a process (got stuck in a pattern) at a conscious and largely subconscious level.

This is a body of work that has existed since the 1970s, formed out of the body of knowledge from the behavioural sciences, to be able to bring about rapid change in people so that they can exhibit their desired behaviour and desired emotional state. It has been hugely successful! Unwanted emotions and behaviours can be changed in as little as one session, to as long as a series of 6 sessions. As opposed to possibly 15 years or even a lifetime of psycho-therapy that doesn’t actually bring about the desired lasting changes.

How is NLP different to more traditional methods? You can work at the deepest level of your mind to make permanent changes.


Time Line Therapy utilises creative visualisation,

to allow you to access your long term memories, including those you have forgotten,

to heal and let go of things in your past

without reliving any trauma.

This powerful process

enables you to see events in your past and change patterns of behaviour at their root cause.

It is a safe and gentle technique

that allows you to remember painful events as well, without reliving them and being overcome with the emotions of those events.

Afterwards, you will be empowered with a new outlook including:

**healthier ways of thinking about things,

**clearer ways of interpreting things and

**the removal of unwanted emotions and behaviours that you exhibit will make way for positive ones,

which will have a profound effect on your life.


Tracie can guide you through meditations that combine

breath work and creative visualization, to

deeply relax your body and mind.

Meditation has proven to

**reduce stress, anxiety and depression,

**promote healing and even

**physically heal your brain.

You can learn these techniques to use outside of your sessions, to

** calm / clear your mind,

** relax,

** centre yourself, and

** feel congruent & whole.

Tracie can also lead you through various meditations

created specifically to assist you

with what you are working on in your coaching program.

This can enable you to consolidate the learning and changes you have experienced throughout your coaching sessions, including:

**new ways of thinking about things

**new ways of processing things

**new behaviours to exhibit

**new emotions to exhibit

You are awake and you are in control throughout the entire process, simply following instructions from Tracie at your discretion.

“I’m just extremely happy with myself and my life, and you have helped me get to this point.”
“Tracie is marvellous…A big THANK YOU Tracie. I have a happy girl…”

Individually Customised Programs to Meet Your Needs!

Contact Tracie to discuss how she can provide you with a

personalised coaching experience

to help you:

**transform your mind and life

**achieve your goals

**and live with true contentment!!

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