Focus & Outcomes

The Focus of Your Coaching Experience and Some Possible Outcomes


Life Coaching

Tracie’s Life Coaching can help you overcome a range of issues and transform yourself & your life.

Life coaching can help you achieve your goals, guiding you from where you are, to where you want to be, by helping you:

  • identify what needs changing
  • let go of any root causes in your past
  • make lasting changes
  • be your authentic self again!
  • develop new positive strategies
  • consolidate your new outlook, to fully embrace new healthy patterns for you to use
  • transform your lifestyle and any or all areas of your life!


Possible Outcomes

  • A clear pathway to achieve your goals and dreams

  • No longer feeling lost or stuck

  • Happy, passionate and enjoying life!

  • Reduced or eliminated anxiety, worry, stress, fear, phobias and PTSD

  • Increased confidence

  • High self-worth!

  • Decreased or removal of hopelessness, feeling down, sadness and depression

  • A comprehensive approach to your health and wellbeing, including weight loss

  • Eliminated unwanted behaviours such as overeating, nail biting, smoking, procrastination

  • Improved relationships!

  • Removal of unwanted emotions such as anger, hurt and guilt

  • Increased motivation

  • Better work performance

  • Improved business outcomes


Success Coaching

Success Coaching with Tracie can help you transform your life and career into one of passion, purpose and joy! It takes Life Coaching a step further to help you:

  • discover your true needs in life and in your career
  • develop goals for your future that meet your needs
  • remove what’s been holding you back from achieving your goals
  • be clear and congruent within yourself and about your life
  • create a plan for a fulfilling life
  • thrive as your authentic self!
  • live with passion and deep purpose
  • turn your vision into reality
  • feel true contentment and joy!

Success Coaching can help if you’re having trouble achieving your goals or you’re feeling dissatisfied in life, lost or stuck and aren’t sure how to move forward. Sometimes we think we know what we want, but when we achieve that, we still feel hollow and unfulfilled. Sometimes we have a big dream to do something, but doubt, fear and a range of obstacles stop us from going after our dreams.


Possible Outcomes

  • Reclaim your authentic identity and feel whole again

  • Know what you need & want

  • A clear vision

  • An action plan of achievable steps!

  • Confidence & motivation

  • Focus & determination!

  • Striving forward with building momentum, giving greatly

  • Feel empowered and on-track!

  • True purpose, connection and meaning in life

  • Passion and joy

  • Reach your potential!

  • Abundance & fulfilment in all areas of your life!


Spiritually Based Coaching

Tracie can incorporate your spirituality and tailor your coaching program to meet your needs.

No matter what your spiritual beliefs are or what faith or religion you belong to, as a pastoral counsellor, Tracie is able to work with you respecting and integrating your beliefs. Tracie is very open minded and has experience working with people with a range of spiritual backgrounds

Tracie specialises in Christian Coaching, please read more here.


Couples/Family Coaching

Tracie works with couples to heal, strengthen and/or reinvigorate their relationship with Couples Coaching.

She will work with you both individually to achieve any goals you have from the Life Coaching and Success Coaching above, so that you are feeling happy, healthy & whole and have clear vision of your goals in life and in your relationship. For example, you can:

  • release any unwanted emotions connected to your relationship
  • let go of the past!
  • feel centred in who you are
  • move forward in your relationship with a fresh outlook

Tracie will work with you as a couple to achieve your desired Couples Coaching outcomes, by creating deeper understanding of each other’s needs and how to fulfil these; aligning your values, relationship and life goals; improving communication between you; increasing connection; and creating a support system for facing challenges in the future.


Possible Outcomes

  • Fulfilled relationship and love needs!

  • Deeper connection

  • Greater understanding of each other

  • Relationship strength & resilience

  • Clear and effective communication

  • More passion and fun!

  • Support and encouragement!

  • Increased intimacy

  • Shared goals and life vision

“My daughter has found a new confidence…hasn’t missed any school due to anxiety…and has the tools to deal with situations!”


“I have become more confident…I am extremely comfortable and happy…I’m very grateful for everything that you have done for me!”


“Shining & Fulfilled  “


Possible Outcomes You Can Achieve:
  • Passion, Purpose and Deep Fulfilment in all areas of your life

  • Unlock what’s holding you back from **achieving your dreams**

  • Work at the deepest levels of your mind and self

  • Immediate, Real and Lasting Change

  • Achieve your business goals!!!

  • Fulfil that longing you have to **make the world a better place**

Includes 7 hours of 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions!!


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