Questions for Tracie?
What is Coaching?2019-06-21T13:13:53+10:00

Tracie’s coaching guides and empowers you to create your desired future, in an efficient and effective manner. You will work with Tracie as a team, to quickly discover what is preventing you from achieving your goals and make the changes necessary to make your goals achievable. Tracie’s coaching is focused on your outcomes and assumes that you are healthy and perfectly capable of achieving your best, you just need to get in touch with those capabilities.

How long is a coaching session?2022-07-06T17:59:39+10:00
Each session is 1 – 1 1/2 hours in length and you will preferably have a session with Tracie once a week.
How many sessions will I need?2022-07-06T18:01:48+10:00

The length of the program varies depending on your needs, with a single/simple problem typically requiring 5-8 hours for individuals and 10-15 hours for couples.

How can coaching help me?2019-06-21T13:16:38+10:00

Tracie’s coaching can help you overcome a wide range of issues and strive forward confidently towards your goals and dreams! You can read more by clicking here. If you’d like to talk to Tracie about how her coaching can specifically help you, click here to book a free 30 minute consultation.

How much does private coaching cost?2019-06-21T13:17:22+10:00

When you have your free 30 minute initial consultation with Tracie, she will design a coaching program to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your desired outcomes. Tracie will give you an overview of this program, including the number of sessions, the length of the sessions and the cost of the program.

What payment options are available?2019-06-21T13:18:09+10:00

You can pay for all coaching programs, courses and workshops online via Tracie Anne’s Store. In-person private coaching can also be paid in cash. All payments need to be made in advance to book your spot and payment plans are available for some items.

Can I have my sessions via telephone or online?2021-02-22T13:08:58+11:00

Yes! Tracie offers coaching via telephone or online via Zoom, Skype or Messenger.

Where are in-person sessions held?2021-02-22T13:08:03+11:00

Tracie’s in-person coaching sessions are in South Golden Beach (near Byron Bay), NSW, Australia.

“I’m just extremely happy with myself and my life, and you have helped me get to this point.”
“Tracie is marvellous…A big THANK YOU Tracie. I have a happy girl…”

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