Client Testimonial

Mother of Teenage Client, Warrnambool, Australia

“As a mother you want what’s best for your children: to be happy and enjoy their life’s journey including the up’s and downs and have the tools to cope with the not so good and embrace the good in all things.

My teenage daughter would often share with me her feelings. For the most times she was experiencing feelings and emotions that were hurting her in ways that was affecting her school work and her physical wellbeing. 

She experienced anxiety, feeling sick, not wanting to go to school, crying, not feeling she had friends, picked on for how she looked physically, being blamed, and a whole lot more. We seeked the aid of a counsellor at the school but, this wasn’t working as my daughter was not feeling any better and this she knew.

I approached Tracie about her coaching therapy for my daughter. Tracie was more than happy to see her and chat with her about the coaching which involved seeing the client over a period of three sessions and instilling new thought patterns. I then spoke to my daughter about the coaching with Tracie and briefly how it works. I asked her if this is something that she would be willing to try. My daughter agreed and Tracie contacted her and explained the process and set up the first appt.

Tracie is very approachable, open and honest and happy to help. My daughter was a bit nervous at first but then felt very calm and relaxed with Tracie. My daughter was very happy with her appointment and commented that Tracie is very easy to talk to and it felt good to share with her what has been going on in her life. She was looking forward to her next session with Tracie.

After seeing Tracie my daughter has found a new confidence within herself, I would say brought out the confidence from within her. She is much happier, hasn’t missed any school due to anxiety, has found her common ground and has the tools to deal with situations. She is a much happier girl. Her comment was, ‘I’m glad I went to see Tracie and I feel so much better for it.’

Tracie is marvellous. She has always followed up with myself and my daughter from day one and onwards and checks in on how things are progressing and letting us know that if we need her she is there for us. My daughters’ sessions were confidential and I never pressured her into telling me anything and Tracie never discussed with me the sessions with my daughter. My daughter was happy telling me bits and pieces and that’s fine because at the end of the day it’s my daughters happiness and wellbeing that is important and the rest is not relevant.

As a Mum I highly recommend coaching for anyone needing help and some guidance in their lives. Too many times we have heard about suicide, self-harm, going off the rails etc. Counselling can go on for a long time and that’s ok but, coaching with Tracie I found is much quicker and friendlier and she is there if you need her. My daughter is more than happy to see Tracie again going forward.

A big THANK YOU Tracie. I have a happy girl and it is so nice to see.”

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